Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So I have a TON of sewing and crocheting projects to get done before the end of November.  I am making something for all my nieces and nephews, my sister, sister-in-law, and mother.  Its time consuming and since I am being a pain and refusing to ask my mother in law for help its taking longer.  My mother in law is the one who started teaching me this stuff but then for the harder steps I have been teaching myself.  I am not asking her for help because then she tells people she did the whole thing and I maybe helped a little.  She does that for everything!!! And recently she hasn't been giving me any credit.  I know, I know we aren't to supposed to want credit for what we do but sometimes I would like people to know that I can do something on my own.  That I have my own worth and merit apart from her.  Anyway I digress. (lol I have always wanted to use that word!) I am happy to be making all this stuff for everyone but it takes alot of time.  And I am supposed to make things to sell at a craft show at the end of December.  Oh and I have two crochet blankets ordered.  One is done.  I would love to have orders rather than do the craft show.  I think I will be trying to make a facebook page soon and have my family and friends promote it for me.  I am not looking to get rich, we just really need some extra money right now to pay off the ever mounting medical bills. Well I hear Micaiah waking up from nap so I'd better go.... till next time...

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