Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last Sunday the pastor was preaching about courage.  He said courage was walking through your fear.  So I decided that I was going to walk through my fear of opening my heart to this church and start going to the woman's bible study.  So far I am very glad I did.  Monday was the first meeting and there were 4 other women there and they were open and seemingly real.  Real people loving Jesus.  Also I started reading "What's so Amazing about Grace?" By Philip Yancey.  So far its a great book.  These are steps to walk through my fear... Not only of opening my heart to this church but to God.  We have had the worst 2 years for our family.  My son was hurt badly by a foster teen boy in our home, our foster agency turned their back on us, we left and were hurt by church after church, Justin's dad died of cancer, to name a few.  So I felt God could not be trusted.  I hope that I can find my way back to trusting him again.  To being completely in love with him again.  I think its possible I just need to keep walking.  Keep walking in-spite of my fear. 


  1. you're walking in the right direction - toward GOD! unfortunately the path toward GOD is far from easy as satan does everything he can to get in our way and blind us from the truth. just keep putting one foot in front of the other walking toward GOD and when you can't He'll carry you!

  2. I love you girly! The path you walk is not an easy one to begin, but once your heart starts opening and God's love and light comes rushing in, you will be overwhelmed with all HE has for you. May God's light shine on you, in you and through you.