Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well I sent my first born, the fruit of my womb, my little man, my baby... to preschool today.  His first day.  Its so hard seeing him grow up.  Its funny how some days I wish for him to grow up faster and others I want to stop the growth process and freeze him where he is.  I pick him up in an hour and I miss him terribly. He is going to be 5 in 5 months!!! WOW!  In my head I couldn't picture him 5 years old.  That just seemed so far away and now its coming.  Way to fast for my liking.  After dropping him off today Xenaleigh and I went to 2 garage sales and then played outside.  It was good to play with her one on one.  I was looking in her eyes and seeing that she is growing up way to quickly too!  She is SO beautiful! Oh my I just had a thought she is going to be two in 6 months!!! Where does the time go!!! I guess its time for another one! :) 

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